Sunday, December 8, 2013

Products I Love

Trying out beauty supplies is sort of a hobby of mine, as I'm sure it is for a lot of women. My powder room cabinets are filled with baskets of bottles and tubes, some of which I should really probably throw out. Here are a few products I will not be throwing out, though.
I'll start with the Got2B Smooth Operator with Cashmere Lustre Lotion and Smoothing Hairspray. I use the lotion on my hair when it's wet, and I apply it to the ends when my hair is dry. The spray doesn't get stiff. It is a light formula that makes hair look smooth and healthy. Unlike some smoothing products, these do not make my hair look oily. The smell is terrific, too. It reminds me of a Strawberry Shortcake doll. Not only do these products smell amazing, they help tame fly aways, which I tend to get in colder weather. This stuff is so fancy, the main ingredient is "agua." These retail for around $5.00 each. I purchased mine from Walgreens, but they're available on Amazon: Got2B Products on Amazon

The clear nail polish pictured (which I know you can barely see) gives my nails superhero strength. My nails have ridges, and they don't grow as fast as I would like, but this product solves both problems. I'm picky about polish; I can't stand bubbles or peeling. I like to apply one coat per day over four days. It can be used underneath and over nail color. It costs about $7.00 at Sally's, and it's available on Amazon right here: European Secrets Top Coat  

I used to use Proactiv Solution, which is available here: Proactiv is on Amazon.  The stuff works. I only get acne around once a month, but the gritty cleanser and the toner and lotion work together to tighten and freshen the skin immediately, eventually clearing my acne after a few days' use. Any small pimples I have when I use the system look smaller immediately afterward. Proactiv really as good as Adam Levine and the other infomercial stars say it is. 

I used to use Proactiv, but I don't anymore because of the price. And if you get on their monthly shipment plan, you might get annoyed by the lack of control you have in getting the product you need. (I would always run out of the toner long before I ran out of the other two.) Pictured above is the Equate brand, which is available at Walmart for an amazing $13.00.  I'm not kidding. The same system, the same number of ounces per bottle, for about a third of the price. And it is the exact same product. I have used both the Proativ system and the Equate brand, and I cannot tell the difference.

If I think of any other products I like, you'll see them here, so check back.

Also, feel free to comment below if you've had bad experiences with any of these, or if you have products you want to recommend to me. 




  1. Well, Mrs. Warren, I'm a fan of most St. Ives products and Herbacin Kamille lip balm. Both are available at